Slightly Busted: dev-qt/qtwebengine-5.7.0 Suddenly Can’t Build

Yikes, the portage tree has been in a sloppy state lately. But you’ll have that from time to time in gentoo, especially when running “unstable” via the ~amd64 keyword.

I do enjoy the pleasure of scanning the bug tracker, finding the related bug, and getting to say to myself, “Yay! It wasn’t my fault it broke!” But I digress.

The dev-libs/icu ebuild is on version 58.1-r1 now and dev-qt/qtwebengine requires a little cleaning up in order to build against it or you get weird output like the following:

cpp:181:1: error: static assertion failed: breakAllLineBreakClassTable should be consistent static_assert(WTF_ARRAY_LENGTH(breakAllLineBreakClassTable) == U_LB_COUNT, "breakAllLineBreakClassTable should be consistent");

There is some discussion going on in the bug about the most appropriate place to apply the final fix, but in the meantime if you drop this patch in the file /etc/portage/patches/dev-qt/qtwebengine-5.7.0/qtwebengine-5.7.0-icu (an example of a user patch) and rebuild, it should get you past this hurdle.

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